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Darrad Services Inc. is a full service computer dealer specializing in the repair, servicing, and sales of used computers and peripherals. We maintain an inventory of many parts for Apple computers, and can order economic parts for all makes of computers. With over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, we strive for affordable and sensible repairs. Everything we sell has a one year warranty including our repairs.

We love challenges and have experience repairing much more than computers. Whether its TVs, Video Game Systems, Cell Phones or anything else electronic we can fix it.


In a world with a “throw-away” philosophy, Darrad Services strives to change how our customers think about their computers. We promote economical repairs over simply throwing away a computer and replacing it. We devote time to refurbishing computers and matching the hardware to the customer. Each year, Darrad keeps over 500 computers out of the landfill. When a computer finally is past the point of repair, we strip the usable parts and send the rest to the proper recycling facility.


We have been repairing computers for over 22 years. We have a huge selection of parts and technicians with the expertise to repair our customers computers in an economical way, saving them time and money. We repair all makes and models of computers, printers and peripherals and love a challenge. Plus, every repair has a one year warranty.


Unlike many places, we pride ourselves on recycling broken computers. We reuse all the functional pieces and never throw computers in the landfill.  Not only does it save the environment from tons of harmful materials, but it also has allowed us to build one of the largest parts inventories around.

Darrad serves all of Central Vermont and also has customers in Chittenden County, Burlington, VT, Lamoille County and beyond. We offer courier service through Green Mountain Messenger for customers who prefer not to drive.