A Few Words

About Us

hi I'm
David Darr

I started Darrad in 1992 with a passion for computers, technology, and all things electronic. Over the years I have had the opportunity to help my community by providing a service that most people don’t have access to.  Exceptional repair at a fraction of what the big box stores would charge. My mission has always been to help people no matter how complex a situation may be. I love finding solutions.

I am grateful to have passed my knowledge to my children and have the greatest opportunity in the world to work everyday with my two sons.   

The Darrad Way

In a world with a “throw-away” philosophy, Darrad Services strives to change how our customers think about their computers. We promote economical repairs over simply throwing away a computer and replacing it. We reuse all the functional pieces and never throw computers in the landfill.  Not only does it save the environment from tons of harmful materials, but it also has allowed us to build one of the largest parts inventories around.

We devote time to refurbishing computers and matching the hardware to the customer. Each year, Darrad keeps over 500 computers out of the landfill. When a computer finally is past the point of repair, we strip the usable parts and send the rest to the proper recycling facility.